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Ira Gollobin Speaks!

Ruth Basta has a website on which, among other things, she has Ira Gollobin "speaking" from beyond the grave and telling us what he thinks about current events. It's like channeling the dead.  

Over on the right I quote from the opening page of Ruth's website.  This sort of rubbish is worth a quick read.


I guess Ruth wants us to imagine Ira floating around above Washington, D.C., wings aflutter, eavesdropping from on high on various dignitaries, and every once in a which dropping in to see Ruth to spill the beans . . .

Frankly, such stupid stuff makes a total sham of Ira's supposed love of science and his supposed disgust for "magic thinking."  And it proves a far uglier truth - that his principles be damned, what Ira really rewarded was whoever stroked his manical ego.

Dead Ira Speaks to you
directly from Ruth Basta's website
Science Reigns!

"Hi, I am Ira Gollobin and I approve of this web site.

Let me be clear about where I stand on some issues. Although you might be misled by the statement above into thinking that I am running for President of the United States in 2008, let me assure you that I am not.

From my current vantage point, I see that Barack Obama and John McCain, both of whom expect to be nominated as their party’s candidate for the Presidency, are busy putting their stamps on ads being broadcast in these United States. They both say at the end of the ad: "Hi, I am (fill in the blanks) and I approve of this message."

I will have  none of that. I can’t. You see: I hover above all of these rituals. I have done so throughout the 97 years I spent on earth, thanks to my parent’s upbringing and my own discoveries as I grew up, mingling with the common folks who through their sweat, blood and tears, have built these United States into the most powerful country of the 20th century."

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