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The  Truth About Ira Gollobin as a Father and Grandfather

His Daughter's Story


What Ira Gollobin Did & Why

Some may find what follows here as simply 'sour grapes'  - but it is really far more about speaking Truth - and about Healing.

Truth is truth - however unpleasant for some it may be.  And Ira Gollobin certainly espoused the idea that truth is better said than censored.  We'll take him at his word and ask you to honor his belief by reading on. This is also about Healing - because those damaged by the actions of others need to tell their story before they can move on.  

What follows is based on the records and recollections of several of Ira Gollobin's relatives and family members.  It is a story of betrayal, wrong-headedness, and lies - and about the abuse no father should do to any child or grandchild. It is not a pretty tale, but it's true.  We leave it to you to decide what you think

The Really Short Version -
Ira Gollobin had two loving daughters who cared about him throughout his long life.  Each enjoyed some wonderful times with him over the decades.

Unfortunately, in his last few years, when he was still an active but old man, something happened to Ira and he turned against a loving daughter and granddaughter - the very daughter and granddaughter who, by any reasonable measure, actually lived by the principles and values that Ira so strongly espoused throughout his life.  T
he question is, "Why?"

The answer in large measure appears to be that Ira Gollobin, in the last decade or two of his life, became a more and more deluded, naracissistic man who demanded absolute, unquestioning, and continual feeding of his ego.  In the end, feeding that ego (and punishing those we didn't) proved to be Ira Gollobin's most important "principle" - and the one upon which he based his decisions.  

Before you dismiss the idea that Ira Gollobin was "deluded" or "narcissistic," consider two astounding things Ira said -

ONE:   During one of his visits, Ira said - in all seriousness - that he considered himself (and these are Ira's exact words), "one of the three most important men who ever lived . . . ."  

Asked who the other two were, Ira - equally seriously - replied, "Christ and Marx."

Ira Gollobin Really Believed This

TWO:   On a different occasion, Ira said, without question or hesitation, that his self-published book would be "as valuable to mankind as the Bible."

Ask any psychiatric professional about a person who honestly believes he ranks with Christ or that his writings rival the Bible in importance and see what diagnosis you get . . . .

So there you are - the Short Version.  If you're open-minded, want to know exactly what Ira did to fully half his family, and learn some things you won't find anywhere else; then click either button below for more about this essentially unknown side of Ira Gollobin - and about the hurt he caused to half his family.

His Daughter's


If, on the other hand, you're invested in believing that Ira was "just one great guy" and a "devoted and loving father and grandfather," then you'll probably want to move on . . . .

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